Bringing Students Together


Adrienne Custer, 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Graves County Middle School and Digital Learning Coach, is using unique technology to assist her students that are quarantined due to Covid-19 exposure.  The Meeting Owl, used in conjunction with Zoom software, is a piece of equipment that allows students at home to feel more involved in the classroom.  The device has a 360 degree “smart” camera that follows the speaker as classroom discussion happens throughout the lesson.  Students are able to join the class live online or watch the recorded version of the lesson at a later time.  

“Students at home have a view of the entire classroom, as well as a view of the speaker, whether that be myself or a student. It will even automatically do a split screen when two speakers are discussing on different sides of the room,” Custer stated.  “I record the pieces of the class that include my direct instruction or class discussion, and pause the recording during individual work time.  I’m so glad that our district is providing the tools we need to continue providing quality instruction for students when they have to be out of the classroom.”  

Graves County Middle School is in the process of obtaining a Meeting Owl for each team in their building.  The goal being to simply move the equipment from room to room throughout the day following a student’s schedule; bringing them together at a time when physically they must be apart. 


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