FAQ (Power On)

Last Updated: 7/21/2020 6:43 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the purpose of the Digital Conversion?

The Graves County Schools Mission/Vision is to provide engaging and challenging learning experiences that foster creativity, curiosity, and innovation. Technology will be utilized in transformative ways to enhance achievement and make real-world global connections. Our Board of Education believes this Digital Conversion is a huge step toward meeting our mission.

Q:  How do I connect to my home Wi-Fi?

Click the Wi-Fi icon at the top right of the menu bar and select the network that you wish to join.   

Q:  Can students pick up a device without a parent/guardian?

All parents and students must watch a video, sign a device care agreement, and pay the technology fee.

Q:  Will students pay a technology fee each year? 


Q:  What is the district doing to help prevent theft at school?

Serial numbers are recorded and assigned to a specific student.  Devices are expected to be with the student or secured in a classroom at all times.  The Technology Responsible Use Document lists additional safeguards.

Q:  How will digital citizenship be taught to students?

Students and their parent/guardian will review a presentation upon receipt of the device.  Also, digital citizenship is addressed in each grade level apart of the Power-On Digital Program.

Q:  Who owns the device?

All devices used are the property of Graves County Schools.

Q:  How will the device be distributed and when will this happen?

Devices will be distributed in late July and early August by the school in conjunction with the technology department.  The student and parent/guardian must watch the video, sign the device care agreement, and pay the technology fee in order to receive the device.

Q:  What does each student receive?

A device and a charger.

Q:  What additional accessories are required?

Students will need earbuds or headphones.  

Q:  What additional accessories are suggested?

A backpack designed for transporting, and a removable cover to protect the Chromebook is recommended.

Q:  What support is there if my child encounters a problem?

Students are encouraged to use the HELP feature in all applications, web-based video tutorials, the Technology Support website, and their friends.  A HELP DESK will be available for support and where questions can be answered and next step decisions made.

Q:  What happens if the device breaks or malfunctions?

The incident must be reported immediately to the HELP DESK or the school office, and the GCS Digital Conversion Device Care Agreement will be followed.

Q:  What are the district’s guidelines for the acceptable use of technology? 

The GCS policies and procedures concerning technology and responsible use can be found on the district’s website. 

Q:  What if the device is lost, stolen, or damaged?

If the device is stolen, a report will be completed by the resource officer.  If there is a technical problem with the machine, report this to the HELP DESK or the school office.  Please review the GCS Service Agreement for additional information found on the district’s webpage.  If the device is lost but not suspected to be stolen, report this to the help desk. If the device is not found within 48 hours the device will be considered stolen.  

Q:  What if we don’t want our child to have a device at home? 

Decisions such as these need to be made with input from the school's administration.  Please contact the school's principal if you wish for your child to be a day user only.  

Q:  What kind of contract or agreements must be signed?

The GCS Responsible Use Policy, the Digital Conversion presentation, and the GCS Digital Conversion Device Care Agreement must be reviewed annually.  A signature will signify your acceptance of the policies.

Q:  Can parents use the device?

Devices should only be used by the student for academic purposes. 

Q:  Can I install parental controls on my child’s device? 

Only the district technology staff will have access to make changes to district-provided devices.  

Q:  Can personal software be installed on the device?

Nothing is to be installed on the device other than what is installed by the district technology staff.

Q:  If a student leaves the district before the end of the school year, what are the procedures for turning in the device?

Turning in your device will be a part of the checkout procedure which includes turning in other school-supplied materials.

Q:  Is the student required to have Internet access at home?

Internet access will be provided at school.  If a student needs to work on something at home and does not have Internet access, the student should download the necessary files to work on at home.  Any student is welcome to stay after school or come in early to gain access to the school Internet. Also, the public library and many local establishments provide free Internet access.  

Q:  Will the device has enough battery power to use in each class throughout the day?

The devices provide about 8 hours of continuous use.  Students are encouraged to put the device to sleep or turn off when it is not in use to save power.  Having their device fully charged each day is part of the student’s responsibility.